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Amazing Features

GolfLinkd makes it easy to connect with other golfers in your area.

Connect with Friends

GolfLinkd is the best tool for connecting with all your golfing friends.

Find other Golfers

On business or just need a fourth you can use GolfLinkd to find local golfers.

Members Club

Connect with others in your private country club or golf league.

View Friends Profile

View your friends preferences, golf status and handicap with GolfLinkd.

Golf Networks

Create a network to send them important notifications.

The Traveling Golfer

You can change your location to sync up with local golfers in that area.

Connect to Play

We know how difficult it can be to find time to play golf these days. Nothing is more frustrating than when you make the time to play, but can’t find anyone to golf with. The GolfLinkd app makes it easy to connect with other golfers in your local area or at your private club.

  • Find other golfers with ease
  • View their golf profiles
  • Create your own golf network
  • Form a group and play!

Growing the game of golf one connection at a time

Traveling to a new city and eager to play a new course? Moving to a new area and looking to link up with other golfers? Difficulty coordinating schedules with all your busy friends? Have a last minute league cancellation? These are all issues that every golfer deals with on a consistent basis.

GolfLinkd solves those problems by making it simple to connect, chat, and play.

Setting the Standard

Never been easier to connect with other golfers

Sign in with Ease

Create a GolfLinkd account by signing in with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. All you need is your handicap or average 18-hole score and you can begin connecting with other golfers in your local area. Traveling and want to find a playing partner? You can change your location to sync up with local golfers in that area.

Connect with other Golfers

The application recommends other golfers with similar skillsets but allows you to view all golfers in that area. Members at a private country club? Ask us how you can sign up your club for GolfLinkd. We are working with a select number of private country clubs to just connect their members through a private section of the app.

Create Golf Networks

Have a group that you usually play with on a weekly basis? Add them to your network so you can coordinate and chat about your rounds. Do you currently run a golf league? Have your league members download the GolfLinkd application so you can keep up with their handicaps and send them important notifications with just a few clicks of a button.


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